Doctors Stumped By Baby's Heartbreakingly Painful Condition, Mom's Instincts Save The Day (PHOTOS)

One mother was heartbroken by the condition that kept her poor baby in terrible pain, and that prevented him from going out and enjoying life like every other child. Nothing doctors did would make the situation better, so the crafty mother started doing some research. Thanks to her, the young boy is living a normal life.

Woman Takes Steroids And Undergoes Shocking Transformation - The Photos Are Jaw-Dropping

Candice Armstrong, a 28-year-old female bodybuilder from the UK, knew there would be some changes when she began taking steroids, but she didn’t quite anticipate just how much. According to Daily Mail, her rampant steroid abuse has effectively turned her into a man.

At one point, Candice was a slender blond, but she’s now pretty much unrecognizable as a hulking brunette.

This Woman Shows What Steroid Use Can Do (PHOTOS)

Twenty-eight-year-old Londoner Candice Armstrong has abused steroids so long she has basically turned into a man.

Although she was once a pretty blonde, Candice is now a brunette with huge muscles and notable body hair all over her back, chest and upper lip.

Candice says she did not intend to become so masculine when she began taking steroids, but that it's too late for her to stop now.

Mom's Instincts Save Baby From Heartbreakingly Painful Skin Condition (PHOTOS)

When a loving mother thinks that her child would be better off dead shows that something is really wrong. One baby suffered from painful rashes that looked so bad it seemed as if his skin was melting off. Doctors weren't helping, but a smart mom figured out the cause-- and the solution.

Stephanie Smith says that from the time her son Isaiah was born, he suffered from severe skin rashes and blisters. The 35-year-old mom grieved for the pain her small child was going through. His parents couldn't even hold him because anytime his skin touched other skin or fabric, he'd break out.

Man Strives For Beach Body, Almost Dies

A man decided he was willing to take a few risks to achieve the ideal beach body. Unfortunately, his risk didn't end up paying off. He survived, but he can kiss that ideal body image good-bye.

Lewis Brown tried the hard way to get into shape. He started going to the gym, eating right and working hard. Unfortunately, gratification wasn't coming fast enough for Brown so he decided to take a shortcut.