21 Hysterical Office Pranks That Make the Workplace More Fun (GALLERY)

All work and no play makes.... well you know everyone dull and boring. So these people decided to have a little fun with some creative and hysterical office pranks. Don't try these at work, or do.

  • Take note

  • BaconMouse = Delicious

  • This is really just genius

  • It's a party

  • Definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK

  • They're a Bieleber

  • Think they'll notice it's cardboard?

  • That'll wake you up

  • Space cube

  • When work is literally garbage

  • There's a desk in there somewhere

  • Work, the gift that keeps on giving

  • Keyboard farm

  • A great excuse to not get work done

  • Try to get up there

  • Who doesn't love the Hoff?

  • Iglcube

  • Make the keyboard and mouse jiggle with J-E-L-L-O

  • Packing peanuts packed office

  • How do you answer that?

  • They'll never go hungry

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