24 Oh Sh*t! Life Moments (GALLERY)

Stuff happens, and we can't always plan for it or anticipate it. Take a look at life moments that make you say "Oh Sh*t!"

  • Camping gone wrong

  • Real life game of Battleship

  • There's never an easy way out of a parking garage

  • How kids learn the hard way

  • Not such a good buzz

  • A literal oh sh*t moment

  • That buffalo looks mad

  • Not sure you can just hit reverse

  • That will be hard to get down

  • Poor cat just wanted to relax

  • Basic instructions: inflate outside

  • When to paddle faster

  • That's gonna leave a mark

  • Creepy Surprise

  • Never mess with a cub

  • Beware muddy waters

  • "Mom? Dad? What are you doing?"

  • Lesson learned: don't point at an alligator

  • Not so safety pin

  • When reality strikes

  • Game over

  • Dangerous surf

  • Bad paint job

  • When not to drive with the top down

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