Young Boy Leaps To Protect Elderly Man From Freak Weather Event

The elderly are often demeaned, misunderstood or even ignored by many people, particularly children and teenagers. However, an impulsive act of kindness by a young boy in California has warmed the hearts of thousands. An unnamed elderly man was walking down the street in Vallejo, California on March 5, 2017, when the sky began to darken with rain and hail began pouring down. The unidentified man was pushing a walking stroller and had no protection from the brutal onslaught of foul weather.

When 14 year old Elvis Ingersoll saw the elderly man slowly making his way through the miserable, dangerous weather, he didn’t have to think twice before rushing out to help. Mr Ingersoll was working at a family owned restaurant named Gracie’s. On this particular day, Mr Ingersoll was working with his father when he noticed the elderly man in the storm. Immediately and without prompting, Mr Ingersoll dashed across the road with an old umbrella left at the restaurant by a former customer and sheltered him from the elements until the storm passed after 4 to 5 minutes.

The elderly man is believed to be a regular at Gracie’s and lives catty-corner to the family owned business. The heart-warming moment was captured on video by another regular at Gracie’s, Rick Buenaventura, who comes in frequently on Sunday mornings for breakfast.

After Mr Buenaventura posted the video on social media, it attracted massive attention online, with thousands praising the actions of young Elvis Ingersoll.

When asked about the compassionate action, the boy’s father said: “Elvis, like the rest of my kids, are good-hearted kids, so many things had to happen just in the right order for this video to be possible, starting with some person two weeks ago that forgot to take their umbrella home with them. It was sitting in a corner of the dining room. I thought about moving it to the storage room several times but never did.”

Young Elvis Ingersoll believes that he did what anyone else would do in the situation and hopes that his actions will inspire more random acts of kindness.

Source: Yahoo News
Photos: Yahoo News

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