Woman's Sexts Land Her In Hot Water When Boyfriend Spots This In Her Photos

The perils of modern communication are all around us. Things that come across well in a face-to-face setting can often fall flat in digital communications, and vice versa. That leads some to rely on photos as a way of getting points across, but that can open up a whole other set of problems entirely.

As Elite Daily shares, that was certainly the case for this woman, who managed to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend while attempting to sext him. She was on a business trip to Atlanta, and she started texting her man back at home. The woman even gave him a glimpse of what he was missing, but there was a slight problem.

In one of the pics of her in all her glory, there was a clearly visible suitcase that he knew didn’t belong to her. A little digging on his end led him to find out that she was not staying alone, but rather sharing accommodations with her male boss. That news didn’t go over too well, but he managed to salvage a small sense of pride by closing out the sexting conversation with this gem.

“All your shit will be outside in trash bags when you get back. Have fun f****** Tom,” he wrote.

Source: Elite Daily
Photo: Elite Daily


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