Woman Wakes Up With Searing Ear Pain - Doctors Act Fast After Seeing Legs Moving Inside

Sudden pain inside the ear can be pretty jarring, and this woman knew that the best course of action would be to head to the doctor to see what was going on. As the Daily Mail reports, she would be shocked to find out that her pain was caused by an unwelcome invader that had crawled inside of her ear canal.

That unwelcome invader was a live cockroach, and it appears to have crawled inside of her ear while she was sleeping. The woman awoke with a terrible pain in her ear, and the doctor identified the culprit right away. That required the doctor to go in and get it with a pair of tweezers, but not before the woman was properly anesthetized.

“Something flew into my ear. It kept buzzing. I tried to touch it with my hands. I could sense something inside, but I couldn't touch it. Its wings were flipping and it hit my ear. It's very painful,” the woman explained.

The shocking footage of the extraction was filmed and shared, but it’s certainly not for the viewing pleasure of the faint of heart.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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