Woman Stranded on Deserted Island for 7 Years Found by Google Earth

It sounds like something out of an old “Gilligan’s Island” rerun, only much more amazing! In 2007, Gemma Sheridan and two of her friends set out from Liverpool on an adventurous voyage. They were to cross the Atlantic Ocean, through the Panama Canal and on to Hawaii.

Things went well until they reached the Pacific Ocean. A major storm damaged the boat, took out its electronics and swept her friends out to sea.

After drifting for 17 days, Gemma washed up on the shore of a deserted island. How she survived for a day, let alone 7 years is a miracle!

For a while her only source of water was mere droplets coming from a rock! Otherwise it was coconuts or rainwater. Shelter started out as debris from the wreckage, until she was able to hollow out the bark of a tree with a clamshell. If only she had a machete, she told reporters, she would’ve had a shelter built in hours.

It took her a month before she could light a fire, but nothing made her happier!

Then there was the food problem. Despite a makeshift bow and arrow along with a spear, hunting was unsuccessful.

She finally lucked out when a goat got caught up in a tree, but killing it was a gruesome nightmare. After bashing the animal in the head with a clamshell for 15 minutes, she was finally able to kill it. A good meal at last!

Despite years of physical weakness, Gemma finally built up enough strength to tackle something huge. Although she already had a 10-foot high sign calling for aid, this time she was going all out. With every ounce of stamina, she found enough materials to build a gigantic S.O.S. sign on the beach.

A couple of years later, Gemma awoke to the sound of an airplane flying overhead. Out of the sky came a small package with a radio, food, water and a medical kit.

Switching on the radio, Gemma heard a human voice for the first time in years. When she asked the obvious question about how they found her, she was puzzled. A kid from Minnesota saw her S.O.S. sign on Google Earth. She had no idea what that meant, but was eternally grateful. Thank Heaven for that “Google Earth Angel!”

Photos: Glogster, IB Times, Belfast Telegraph

Gemma Sheridan survived on a deserted island in the Pacific for seven years, her only source of hydration being droplets of water from rocks and coconuts.

She was rescued because a kid from Minnesota saw her S.O.S. sign from Google Earth.

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