Woman To Spend 10 Years In Prison For Taking Selfie - Was Her Punishment Too Harsh?

A London woman was arrested and convicted of taking part in an elaborate gun-smuggling ring. The woman posed for a steamy selfie of herself in a mask, cradling an illegal AK-47 rifle. She's been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Caitlin Adams, 25, was working with the ring, which has prison connections. Her boyfriend Ishmael Brown, an inmate at HMP Rochester, kept an unauthorized cell phone hidden in his cell. He used the phone to locate deactivated weapons and would pass the word to Adams to go and collect them.

Adams would take the deactivated weapons and deliver them to a workshop where Bart Pawlowski, a metal worker and former Polish army soldier, would reactivate them.

Ehsen Abdul-Razak, a former inmate at HMP Rochester, would then help Brown organize sales of the newly repaired weapons.

"This was a complex investigation targeting criminals both inside and outside of prison as part of the Met’s fight against gang and gun crime," said Detective Inspector James Hale. "We successfully collaborated with our colleagues in the prison service to recover the mobile phones and I would like to pay tribute to my detectives who have worked tirelessly to make communities safer and see this case to its successful conclusion."

Some 40 weapons were obtained by the ring over the last six months. Eight of the reactivated firearms have been recovered by authorities. "The firearms and ammunition this gang converted had the potential to cause great harm on the streets of London and there is no doubt that the Capital is a safer place as a result of the network being dismantled," Gentles said.

Aaron Shane Murray and Uzair Patel were also among those arrested. The two were stopped in a minicab and found to be in possession of illegal firearms. Adams was among those arrested and sentenced.

"The sentencing of Caitlin Adams should serve as a warning to others of the grave consequences of storing and transporting guns for others," Officer Claire Gentles said.

Source: New York Daily News
Photo: New York Daily News

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