Woman Is Proposing To Her Girlfriend, But Keep Your Eyes Peeled On The Woman Behind Them

Often a spontaneous, unedited reaction is the most heartfelt. That certainly seems the case in a recently taken proposal now circulating around the internet. What happened was, a man named Carlos Jair took a few photos of his sister Jessica Rodriguez proposing to her girlfriend Chelsea Miller at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Jessica and her fiancé were dressed to the nines, she presented a ring, people cheered, the fiancé said yes, and the whole thing went very well. However, when they were checking out the pics, they came across one pic that stood out from the rest. In the photo, an older woman can be seen in the background with her mouth wide open, her right hand across her heart. She has a big smile on her face and looks delighted.

Rodriguez commented: "It really made that photo even more special."

Jair eventually put up the pic on Twitter with the caption: "My sister proposed to her GF today and look at that older woman's reaction."

The tweet with the cute pic of the older woman in the background of the proposal received over 330,000 likes.

Comments about the pic include "most stylish couple ever" and "I'm crying". A number of viewers remarked on the "lady in pink" in the pic. One said: "The lady in the pink represents us, the silent and loving majority of Sr Citizens. We are there for you. Congratulations."

Source: Newser
Photo: Twitter via Newser

How adorable~!

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