Woman Insisted On Sharing Story Of What Happened Between Her Grandma And This Teen

Today’s youth gets a bad rap overall. While there are plenty of self-centered bad eggs out there, there are also plenty of grounded kids that know how to mind their p’s and q’s. Typically, those teens fly under the radar, but they won’t hesitate to help someone at a moment’s notice. Those teens also have a proclivity for dropping random acts of kindness on unsuspecting people, who typically walk away amazed because they thought there was no hope for our nation’s youth.

As Faith Tap shares, Leah Kerr recently encountered one of those teens, and she wanted to make sure he didn’t fly under the radar too much.

"Grandma went with me shopping tonight in Fort Wayne - just me, her and the two little ones. I was carrying all of the bags and trying to hold both girls hands as we went down the escalator. I didn't realize until I stepped on that grandma was too scared to get on,” she wrote on social media.

Sounds like Leah had her hands full, but thankfully a young man named Alujwyon Williams was there to lend a hand.

“I felt horrible as I watched her try again and again to get her footing right. People walked around her, pushed by her or asked her to step to the side - until this amazing man saw her. Not only was he not ashamed to help her, but held her hand the entire way down and helped her off. Thank you so so much to him," she continued.

Leah’s little thank you note has gained a ton of attention, and local media actually reached out to Alujwyon to get his reaction. As you would expect, the good egg defrayed credit.

"I didn't think me being myself would get so much recognition. Thank you all for that and it really was my pleasure. I'm happy to be a part of a touching story," he said.

Source: Faith Tap
Photo: Facebook/Leah Kerr via FaithTap

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