Wife's Suspicion Pays Off, Never Thought She'd Trace Her Husband's Phone To This Location

A UK woman had long been suspicious that her husband was cheating on her, but she had been unable to confirm it. The husband refused to admit he was having an affair. Finally, the clever woman came up with a brilliant plan. She used technology to track down her husband and catch him in the act.

Birmingham woman Khadijah Bilal, 33, was suspicious of her husband for about a year. The two had been married for four years, but a year earlier the man began to change. He started going out a lot, and barely spent any time at home with his wife. He came up with lots of lame excuses as well.

The 35-year-old man and father of two were carrying on behind his wife's back, but he never suspected that she would outsmart him. When the husband refused to spend Christmas home with the family, the wife had enough.

Bilal logged into her husband's 'find my iPhone' app, knowing that where her husband went, his phone went. She monitored his movements with the app for a month, which kept showing her husband visiting the same street, in a home with multiple apartments.

The woman then paid a private detective to hang out on the street and pinpoint the apartment that the man was visiting. As soon as Bilal had the address, she went and waited for her husband. As soon as he stepped outside, his angry wife confronted him.

The man chickened out of a showdown and sped off in his vehicle. He hasn't been heard from since. The abandoned mother of two says she has no regrets; she's glad she caught the creep in the act.

"I had to prove to myself, to my family and to his family what he was doing. I also had to have it confirmed for myself, for my own sanity," Bilal told the Daily Mail. "It was very difficult. I had to really control myself. I used the tracker because I thought it would be the only way to be confident about what was actually going on. I outsmarted him. He thought he was so clever getting away with it, but he wasn't."

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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