Wife's Revenge On Husband Is Disturbing

A husband and wife in China had been quarreling for a while, and the wife wanted to get back at him for the spat. She decided to poison his clothing so his genitals would rot.

The man known only as Zhang from Hangzhou was arguing with his wife a bit before their daughter's wedding. His wife soaked his underwear in toxic chemicals, dried them in the sun and then handed them to him to wear for their daughter's wedding day.

The man didn't realize his wife was poisoning his underpants until he noticed his genitals were beginning to rot and he started having breathing difficulties. He landed in intensive care for two weeks, and then an additional week in the burn unit.

Doctors found paraquat, a weed killer that's odorless, colorless and toxic, in the man's underwear. That's when suspicion fell on Zhang's wife.

"If immediately cleaned, there will not be a problem with herbicidal spraying pesticides," said one of the doctors at the hospital where Zhang stayed. Prolonged contact with the man's private parts, however, led to the organ putrefying.

Zhang's wife was arrested and said she was trying to get back at her husband for their bickering. Police have launched an investigation. Zhang has not yet pressed charges.

If you thought you had marital problems, this couple might help you feel a bit better about your situation.

Photo: Some Ecards, Viewzone

Woman burns husband's genitals with toxic weed killer.

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