Wife Discovers Strange Woman In Husband's Bed - Has The Perfect Response

A woman in Florida was taken into custody by police for theft, but managed to break free and run. She broke into someone's house, did her laundry, showered, put on the home owner's pajamas and took a nap in the guest bedroom. The homeowners turned her back over to the police.

Eryn Rice, 22, was allegedly caught shoplifting hundreds of dollars’ worth of cosmetics from a CVS store in Deltona. Police were called and Rice was placed under arrest. She was charged with retail theft, resisting an officer with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer and giving a false name. Police then added one more charge to the long list: escape.

Rice managed to get away from authorities when she was being handcuffed. She spun and pushed a deputy down, then ran away. The deputy chased Rice, and the department put out K-9 trackers and helicopters to search the area. They couldn't find her. She had taken cover.

Rice broke into a local couple's home. The husband was playing golf, but the 72-year-old home owner went into the home to find the 22-year-old woman sleeping in the guest bedroom in her husband's pajamas. Rice had, apparently, made herself very comfortable. Before her naps she showered and washed her clothes in the laundry room.

The confused elderly woman initially thought her husband had a mistress. She called him home, and he swore he never saw Rice before in his life. They agreed to drive Rice to a home about a mile away.

The elderly couple then flagged down police and asked the officer if they had been searching for a woman. They led authorities to the house where they caught Rice in her boyfriend's car, ducking in the back seat. Her boyfriend was wanted as an accomplice in the CVS theft but he drove off before police could catch him. He was arrested as well.

Authorities found syringes on Rice and in the car that had methamphetamine residue on them.

Source: WFTV
Photo: Orlando Sentinel

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