The Way In Which People Enjoy The Outdoors Will Be Changed By This New Camper (Video)

Packing up and hitting the road in search of an adventure is a dream for many people, but few will actually take the plunge. Between a little thing called responsibilities, prohibitive costs, and the overall feasibility of such a quest, the dreams will quickly fizzle out for most. As AWM shares, this innovative new camper just may add a few more people to the ranks of wandering traveler.

A startup known as Nest Caravans has designed a lightweight and affordable camper that can be latched onto virtually any size vehicle. While the price is budget friendly, the accommodations are pretty far away from what you would expect. In fact, it’s best described as an efficient and modern apartment on wheels, albeit at a much smaller size.

Appropriately named ‘The Nest,’ this camper is made from lightweight materials and has an interior that looks awfully similar to the cabin of a small sailboat. It spans about 16 feet and includes a stove, a sink, a seating area that converts into a bed, several windows, and even a skylight.

Nest Caravans has even caught the attention of one of the giants of the camping industry, and that company is helping them ramp up production on this bad boy, which is expected to hit the market next summer.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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