Triplets Abandoned At Hospital By Mother For This One Heartbreaking Reason

A broken-hearted woman in Romania went to a hospital and gave birth to triplets. Soon after, the mother fled the hospital without the babies. She says she's devastated, but she can't afford to take care of the babies.

Jeaneta Bente, 32, says she already has three children, and there's no way she could afford taking care of three more. She left her babies Alexandra, Isabela, and Christina at the hospital hoping that they would be taken care of there.

Local media tracked Bente down and asked her about leaving her babies behind. The distraught mother said she felt terrible. "I hope people can understand that I just don't have any possibility to feed or care for them, but I wish them the best and hope they have a better life than I can give them," she said.

She agreed to place the babies up for adoption. The mom, who is illiterate, signed the adoption papers with a thumb print. The children are being transferred to a children's home. The home plans to eventually place them with a foster family.

Romania is having an epidemic of abandoned babies in recent years. In 2017 already, 25 babies have been left by mothers who claim they're unable to afford children. The impoverished country has more than 70,000 children in state care.

Making matters worse, Romania has complex web of adoption laws that make it difficult for domestic adoptions, and nearly impossible now for foreign adoptions. The country requires both of a child's biological parents to be listed as deceased or as refusing to have a relationship with the child, then all relatives, including extremely distant relatives, must be willing to sign away all rights to a child. The goal of the harsher laws was initially meant to reintegrate children into their own biological family, however it's backfired leaving thousands of kids every year stuck in the system, completely unadoptable.

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