Toddler's Days-Long Ordeal

One little girl was traumatized when she tried to wake up her mother, but the 37-year-old woman just wouldn't wake up. The mother passed away in the East Hartford, Connecticut home, and for days the little girl was stuck in the apartment with her alone. Thankfully, the child survived.

The 3-year-old unnamed girl cried and made a lot of noise, such as making the television loud, but neighbors just thought she was being fussy, or was sick or misbehaving. They never expected that she was alone with her dead mother's body in their apartment.

"I was mortified," said a neighbor after the mother's body was found. "It hit me hard because the noise upstairs and I felt kind of responsible."

The child survived by eating cereal that had spilled on the floor. By the time she was found, she was dehydrated but otherwise fine. Police say she was alone for “definitely more than a couple of days.” They speculate that she was probably alone in the apartment with her mother for at least a week.

A social worker stopped by the apartment after getting news that the little girl had missed daycare. The social worker talked to the toddler through the door and got the girl to unlatch the lock. The little girl told the social worker that her mother was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. The worker went to investigate and found the mother's dead body in the bedroom.

Police recently identified the mother as Twanna Toler. At this point, it's unclear how she died. Police say there was no sign of violence, a scuffle or break-in. Authorities have ordered an autopsy on the body to determine the woman's cause of death, but they don’t believe any criminal activity is involved.

It's unclear what became of the child after a brief hospitalization. Child Protective Services came in, but it is unknown where she has been placed, or if she’s in the custody of a family.

Source: NY Post
Photos: NY Post

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