Teen Girl Who Mercilessly Abused Autistic Boy Just Learned Her Fate

A high school girl from Maryland who admitted to torturing an autistic boy and filming the abuse has been sentenced to a juvenile facility where she'll stay for up to four years.

Now 17-year-old Lauren Bush pled guilty in juvenile court to distribution of an obscene video and second-degree assault. Legal experts note this means Bush will be released before she turns 21, local media sources report.

The parents of the victim were rightfully upset when Bush’s case was moved from an adult court to the juvenile system.

The father of the tortured autistic boy wanted the high school junior punished as severely as the law would allow.

"I think she's a danger to herself and to the community," he commented in a recent interview.

According to the available legal documents, Bush and a 15-year-old friend beat up the boy (identified only as Michael). The abuse included forcing him into a frozen pond, trying to run over him with a car and encouraging him to have sex with his dog, the police report noted.

As hard as it seems to believe, the two girls actually filmed their hour long abuse of the disabled boy on their cellphones.

Source: New York Daily News
Photo: My Fox DC

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