She Caught Her Husband Cheating, Then Wife Gets Unthinkable Revenge

One woman in Brazil picked the wrong lady's husband to mess around with. The wife walked in on the couple while they were enjoying a mid-day tryst. The furious wife proceeded to humiliate the mistress, teaching other women in the town to stay away from her husband.

The 20-year-old mistress had no idea whose life she was messing with. When the wife and mother walked in to find the mistress and husband having sex in her bed, the wife decided to teach the girl a lesson.

The wife reportedly grabbed the mistress and ripped off her clothing. She slashed the woman's hair with a razor. A photo someone in the house took shows the two women wrestling on the bed.

The wife, overpowering the young woman, then grabbed the girl by the hair and marched her out of the house, into the Sao Paulo streets. The streets, lined with apartment housing complexes, gave everyone a great view of the naked mistress during the walk of shame.

The wife's teen sons followed behind, filming the scene, hooting and howling. This attracted a lot of attention. Eyes began peering out windows and neighbors made their way outdoors to see what was going on. They were greeted by the unusual domestic disturbance in progress.

The wife left the naked, young mistress in the streets. The husband came by to pick her up, bring her clothes, and take her home.

The wife posted the film taken by her sons on social media. "I do not give a damn what they think or stop thinking," she said. "I'll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this slut with my husband, ex-husband from today."

People on social media called police to complain about the incident. The mistress and her sister went to the police to make a statement. She told the officers she'd been having an affair with the man for five months and he told her he was single.

The wife was arrested and has been charged with suspicion of threat, bodily injury, injury, defamation, crime of intolerance, violence against women and torture. If convicted she could face up to 10 years in prison.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Heartti

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