Restaurant Owner Learns What Workers Do to Cops Food, Won't Stop It

A police officer in Jacksonville, Florida got a tip from a local restaurant owner. It may have been too little, too late, but for what it was worth, the officer was glad to get the news and quickly spread the word around the department. Apparently, the owner wanted to warn police that employees were spitting in their food.

Police Chief Patrick Dooley said he was notified by the owner of Cruisers Grill that employees had a habit of targeting police. “It has come to my attention that the owner of Cruisers has given indications that his employees in the past or will in the future spit saliva in the food of law enforcement,” the owner said.

Oddly, the owner, Bobby Handmaker, didn't seem outraged or even apologetic about it at all. He made no mention of what he was going to do to put a stop to the practice, or to employees caught in the act. In fact, he half-heartedly defended the employees for their actions. “I have been made aware for quite some time now that some of my employees have been spitting in officers’ food and now I know why, because you are all bullies,” he allegedly told an officer.

Dooley sent out a message to local police pronto, warning them of the issue. “While I will not issue an order prohibiting patronization of Cruisers, please use caution for health and safety reasons if you choose to eat at this establishment. I am providing you this information so that you may make informed personal decisions,” Dooley wrote.

After the media got wind of the situation, Handmaker came forward to defend his business and deny the claims. He said the accusations are 'false rumors'.

“For over 20 years, Cruisers Grill has supported our police officers and appreciates the opportunity to serve them and their families,” Handmaker said in a statement to the press. “We are deeply disappointed and saddened to hear that false rumors regarding Cruisers Grill are being circulated. There is no factual basis to any claims that Cruisers Grill does not support law enforcement.”

Source: New York Post
Photo: New York Post

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