Popular News Anchor Terminated - Here’s What We Know

Josh Elliott, 45, has been biding his time at CBSN while waiting for a role to open up at CBS News, and his dream finally came true. However, soon after the move was announced, things would quickly unravel and Elliott would be out of a job. As the New York Times reports, speculation abounds about what led to Elliott’s departure, but it’s believed it may have something to with how he signed off of his final broadcast with CBSN.

It was announced that Elliott would be leaving the daytime anchor chair at CBSN, and everything appeared to be going swimmingly.

“Josh is going to be taking field assignments and reporting long form pieces as well. He will appear across CBS News programs, including CBSN,” a CBS spokesperson said.

However, Elliott took a curious approach to saying farewell to CBSN’s viewers.

“It has been by any measure a great stay here at CBSN. My last day in that chair in any regular capacity, although knowing how things work around here, I may see you again on Monday morning. I just wanted to take a quick second to thank first of all of you who watch us, welcome us into your homes and your workspaces,” Elliott said.

Whether that was meant as a joke or not is unclear, but it’s pretty easy to see some feathers being ruffled by such a flippant remark. Elliott had only been employed by CBS for about 11 months. He previously worked with both ABC and NBC, but both of those stints would end in controversy as well. There has been no official word on the reason for his departure from CBS, but a spokesperson noted that he “no longer be reporting for CBS News.”

It’s unclear exactly what Elliott’s next move may be, as he has apparently worn out his welcome at the three major broadcast news networks. Perhaps a move down the dial to cable news is in the offing, but Elliott may want to put away his matches and stop incinerating so many bridges in the meantime.

Source: NY Times
Photo: CBS

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