Police Make Disturbing Find In The Trunk Of This Car After Routine Traffic Check

The kidnapping of a blonde woman has been foiled in Brazil this week, but very little else is known about the case at this point.

A newly released video shows the stunning moment police in Brazil discovered a kidnap victim cowering in the trunk of a car during a routine stop at a highway checkpoint.

The woman was found with her hands tied after police officers heard screaming that they tracked to the trunk of a car at a checkpoint in rural Brazil.

In the video footage, you can see the police officers opening the trunk and seeing the victim curled up in a fetal position in the trunk crying. One officer then pulls out a knife to cut the plastic ties and free the blonde woman’s hands.

Based on what you can see in the video, two men were in the white car when it was stopped at the checkpoint.

Other reports claim the officers heard screaming coming from the trunk when the car was stopped and then took a minute or two to figure out how to open the trunk.

The police officers can be seen in the video looking over the interior of the car and pushing buttons on the dashboard trying to get the trunk to open.

A moment later the trunk pops open and the cops and the kidnapped woman get up and out of the vehicle. They also took off a cloth that had been wrapped around her mouth and cut off the ties that had been around her wrists.

Details about exactly where the video was filmed and the identity of the victim or her captors has not yet been released by the authorities.

The relieved and emotional kidnap victim can be seen throwing her arms around one of the officers for a hug of gratitude at the end of the clip.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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