Police Discover How This Mother Kept Track Of Her Kids, Immediately Arrest Her

As loving parents everywhere will attest, it’s pretty tough to forget that your children belong to you. One look at their little faces can put things in perspective for you awfully quickly, and those images tend to stay ingrained in your thought process throughout the course of a normal day. That apparently wasn’t enough for this mom from Port Charlotte, Florida, so she took some incredibly unusual and twisted means to make sure she never forgot her children belonged to her.

As NBC 2 reports, 23-year-old Kayla R. Oxenham, a mother-of-two that works as a medical assistant, has been accused of branding her own children, ages 7 and 5. It’s unclear exactly how the incident came to light, but the authorities have confirmed that the children informed them that Oxenham remarked that she "forgot how much she loved fire" prior to the disturbing incident.

Reports indicate that the twisted woman used a lighter to burn a stick, and then proceeded to touch the children’s arms with the burning hot stick to brand them. As the children explained it, she provided two reasons for her actions. For starters, she wanted to identify the children as being hers. Second, she told the kids it was so that they could have ice cream.

This isn’t the only abusive behavior she has displayed, as she has also been accused of grabbing the five-year-old by the hair and repeatedly slamming her head into a wall. Oxenham has denied the charges, and she refused to speak to police about the burning incident. Despite her refusal to acknowledge reality, she was booked and processed at the Charlotte County Jail, where she was eventually released on bond.

No word on whether the children have been removed from Kayla’s custody while the charges are further investigated, but it’s quite clear that she’s in need of some serious mental counseling and observation at a bare minimum.

Source: NBC 2
Photo: NBC 2

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