Onlooker Posts Picture Of This Truck's Message, See Why It Is Going Viral

Bumper stickers have been a way for people to express their opinions for almost as long as there have been cars. There has been a token industry in custom bumper sticker production since the 1950s, and people have been expressing their personality on the back of their vehicle in an amazing variety of ways ever since. Common bumper stickers include “Baby on Board” and variants of “Honk If You…” (Love Country Music, Crochet, etc.)

By the same token, it’s not unusual to spot a controversial bumper sticker while traveling on the highways these days. Custom bumper stickers serve as a method for the vehicle owner to express a non-politically correct opinion without worrying about a direct confrontation with others that may not share their perspective.
In the case at hand, however, we are not talking about a mere bumper sticker, but rather a larger message was written on the mud flaps of a Mack truck.

An unnamed driver took a picture of a truck that caught his eye while traveling along a highway in central Ohio. As you can see in the pic, the big truck has a controversial message written across its mud flaps in large letters for all to see.

“Without cops, nothing matters,” it says.

The driver decided to post the pic of the truck on social media, and the post had thousands of likes and shares within just hours. Not surprisingly, there were a number of different interpretations of the message on the truck’s mud flaps among commenters.

While police obviously serve an important role in society, some commenters were critical of it as they saw the message as suggesting that law enforcement is always in the right. Other commenters, including the social media reps of Ohio Going Blue and other police-related organizations, perceive the message on the back of the truck as just heartfelt support for members of law enforcement.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Love This Pic

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