Ohio Cops Bust Public Toilet Thief

Ohio can rest easy now that the so-called 'bathroom bandit' has been caught. The thief had been going into public toilets and restaurants to steal removable parts of toilet bowls.

The toilet thief had hit at least eight different restaurants in April, and some witnesses even reported a man leaving businesses with urinal parts. Thanks to a tip, investigators honed in on a suspect and got their man.

Gilbert Duwayne Courts, 57, had been stealing the toilet parts to sell them for scrap. Courts came up with the creative way of getting cash in order to support his drug habit.

The suspect was seen in multiple surveillance cameras outside bathrooms that had been robbed. Courts often carried a backpack out with him. On April 27, his most prolific day, Courts allegedly hit four different McDonald's restaurants and one Taco Bell.

Courts has been charged with 12 counts of burglary and 12 counts of vandalism.

"The suspect can't wash his hands of this crime, multiple felonies," wrote one Columbus Division Police officer on Facebook.

Bad puns like that should also be illegal.

Photo: NBC 4i, Recliam Our Republican

'Bathroom Bandit' caught stealing parts for drugs.

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