Officials Surprised By What They Found Inside Man’s Mattress

Federal authorities are beginning to make some headway in a long-running fraud case, and that headway has led to the arrest of a Brazilian national in Westborough, Massachusetts. As the Boston Globe reports, the arrest also led to the discovery of a ton of cash in an unusual place.

Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, 28, has been arrested and charged with money laundering stemming from the TelexFree fraud case. TelexFree’s headquarters in Marlborough was raided back in 2014, and its co-founders were charged with essentially operating a gigantic pyramid scheme. James Merrill is currently awaiting sentencing, while Carlos Wanzeler took off for his native Brazil.

However, Wanzeler didn’t leave his appetite for money back in America, and a paper trail was soon created of funds being transferred from the Greater Boston area to Brazil. Rocha became a target of investigators due to info from a cooperating witness, and it sounds like they have an open and shut case.

“That night, federal agents searched an apartment at the Westborough complex and seized a massive stockpile of cash hidden in a box spring. The cash appears to total approximately $20 million,” a statement from federal prosecutors read in part.

Source: Boston Globe
Photo: Trashmagination

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