New Husband Beats Wife Senseless, His Excuse Sickens Authorities

Kelsie Skillen, 18, is quite simply lucky to be alive after a horrific night of abuse she suffered at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend. As the Daily Mail reports, James McCourt, 19, mercilessly beat her for hours on end, and it all stemmed from a missing pack of cigarettes.

The couple had returned home for the evening, and McCourt was without smokes as he had left them behind. Somehow that became Skillen’s fault, and he absolutely lost his mind.

“He had his knees oh my chest so I couldn't get up and was punching me,” she explained.

Attacking her and beating her up wasn’t good enough for McCourt. He held her against her will in the apartment for hours, and he verbally and physically abused her the whole time. She was finally able to contact her mother, and McCourt would take off from that point. Cops would catch up to him soon thereafter, and he’ll have a lengthy stay behind bars to think things through.

“I'm happy he has been sent away and can't get to me, I'm so glad. During the incident I kept saying 'Is it worth going to jail?' and he said 'I don't care if I go to jail as long as you're dead'. I remember thinking, he is trying to kill me. He is dangerous,” Skillen continued.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

This man did all of the following. Terrible.

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