Mother Hoping Social Media Will Help Her Find A Missed-Connection From Wal-Mart

Katy Sursa and her daughter Emma are regulars at the Wal-Mart in Bryant, Arkansas. A day a few months ago Emma, who was born with Down syndrome, and her mom were hanging around killing time before picking up a prescription at the local Wal-Mart.

As they were waiting Sursa struck up a conversation with an elderly gentleman sitting next to them. Sursa said she knew pretty much instantly there was “something special” about the thoughtful old man.

After a bit of conversation, the man explained to Sursa that her little girl Emma reminded him of his own daughter, Cindy, who died at age three back in 1964.

It turned out that his Cindy was also born with Down Syndrome had a hole in her heart just like Emma did.

Modern technology had been able to fix Emma’s heart, Cindy died back in 1964 relating to her condition.

Sursa noted that the elderly man and Emma got along like old friends, playing games and laughing while they waited. Emma had been bored sitting at the pharmacy, so when the man told her she was beautiful, she was happy to make a new friend.

When the kindly man went to get his own prescription, he told Sursa that he really enjoyed spending a little time with Emma. He even commented it made him feel like he had Cindy back again for a few minutes.

Sursa was too distracted to get the man’s name or number and now wants to track down Emma’s new friend.

"I just feel like a connection was made and one parent to another, I want to keep in touch," she says.

To accomplish her goal, Sursa decided to put up a Facebook post about their chance meeting and hope that somebody would recognize the man and give her his name.

Let’s hope that social media gets the job done!

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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