This Mother Hid 6 Babies In A Storage Locker, Now She Finally Learns Her Fate

In a horrific and hard to believe story out of Canada, a Canadian judge determined that Manitoba mother of two was guilty of the crime of concealing the remains of her six babies in a storage unit.

The woman is named Andrea Giesbrecht, and she just turned 43. She was initially charged with six counts of concealing the body of a child back in October of 2014.

Somewhat ironically, it turns out that the staff at the U-Haul facility near Winnipeg actually found the decomposed bodies of the babies in her unit when she fell behind on making payments for the storage locker.

Police were called to the grotesque scene, and the police forensics team eventually discovered the remains of five boys and a girl, with gestational ages ranging from 34 and 40 weeks. The decomposing bodies of the infants were stashed in garbage bags, plastic bins and buckets, together with an assortment of various kid’s toys and clothing.

The police report noted that the remains of one infant were encased in concrete, and another bay’s body was covered in powder that might have been detergent. Of note, all of the bodies had decomposed so much it was not possible to accurately determine a cause of death.

The prosecutors noted that all six infants were genetically linked to Giesbrecht and her husband through DNA evidence performed in a medical lab.

The couple have two other school-age children.

In what might be a first, Giesbrecht’s defense lawyers had argued that she was not concealing the remains, but she was actually saving them.

Judge Murray Thompson, however, ruled in Manitoba provincial court that Giesbrecht had put the babys’ bodies in storage to keep them secret. The judge also noted in his decision that she had used an incorrect address and her maiden name when setting up the account for the storage unit.

The trial included expert testimony that the babies were probably born alive.

Source: Irish Times
Photo: Irish Times

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