Mother Bewildered When Driver Stops Mother On The Way To See Premature Baby

Following an unfortunate car accident, military woman, Brianna and her husband Robert were forced to rely on their friends to transport them to and from the hospital to see their newborn baby boy, Carter. Brianna had given birth to her young son four months premature. He weighed a mere two pounds. Carter’s kidneys also shut down and he suffered from brain damage. The two parents were doing everything in their power to sustain hope, but doctors were unsure as to whether or not the baby would survive in spite of his ailments.

The Fox Five Surprise Squad was then called in the go undercover and surprise the young military couple. They took the couple to the hospital, stopping them right before they went in. The undercover Fox news anchor informed the couple of her knowledge of the difficulties they were facing as of late. She then handed them a red box and upon opening it, Brenda and Robert saw a key. They began crying when the Fox Five Surprise Squad rolled up a beautiful Nissan 2015 and told the couple it was for them.

Afterward, United Nissan Owner, Don Forman came out and expressed his hopes that the car would aide the couple with transportation to see their son each day. Robert and Brianna greatly conveyed their gratitude and explained how what an amazing impact the car would have on their lives and even on the life on their son. United Nissan representative later reported that the company was overjoyed to assist the couple and described the good deed as a way of “giving back.”

The Surprise Squad was so moved by the journey of Carter, that they donated one thousand dollars to his parents in the hope that the money would cover all of Carter’s diaper expenses in his first year of life. Robert and Brianna were warmly congratulated for their status as new parents. The Fox Five Surprise Squad concluded the meeting with the family by wishing them all the best.

Source: Little Things
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