Melania Trump’s NYE Dress Faces Backlash (Photos)

There’s been a number of recurring themes that have emanated from the mainstream media that have not gone over too swimmingly with supporters of President-elect Donald Trump. For example, there have been a number of inferences in which Trump voters are portrayed as ignorant, out of touch, racist, misogynistic and dozens of other adjectives, and that leaves many Trump voters scratching their heads.

As the Huffington Post reports, designer Stefano Gabbana is probably doing a bit of head scratching himself right about now. The openly gay man has been accused of being homophobic - and it all stems from the fact that he was the designer of the gown that future First Lady Melania Trump rocked on New Year’s Eve.

Gabbana shared a pic of Melania in the gown on Instagram, and the trolls came out in force from that point.

“Sad when a gay designer doesn’t care about other groups being repressed,” wrote one user.

The designer attempted to stay above the fray, but he found himself pulled into it.

“Dont call me gay please!! I’m a man!!! Who I love its my private life [sic],” he shared.

Quite simply, Gabbana made a business decision, and he’s in line to sell a ton of gowns as a result of it. There’s no reason for him to be pulled into a narrative that the anti-Trump crowd insists on continuing to push.

Source: The Huffington Post
Photo: Stefano Gabbana/Instagram

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