McDonald's Drive Thru Worker Stunned As Woman Attempts To Hand Over Her Toddler To Her

One young woman and her four children had been allegedly kidnapped by her abusive boyfriend and the father of one of her children. When the boyfriend pulled into a drive-thru window, the woman attempted to make her escape. When that failed, she tried to save her toddler by passing the baby to the drive-thru window attendant. It was all caught on film.

Jessica Wilson says her boyfriend, Levenski Crossty, 27, broke into the home where she was staying and proceeded to beat her. He then rounded up Wilson and her four children, including the couple's 2-year-old daughter, and put them in his car.

Crossty took off, hitting Wilson and demanding access to her Smartphone. The possessive boyfriend insisted on checking her text messages to see who she'd been talking to and what she'd been up to. When Crossty pulled into a McDonald's drive-thru, Wilson attempted to make an escape with her toddler, who she held in her lap.

When Wilson shot out of the car, Crossty showed quick reflexes. He reached across the passenger's seat and managed to hold her back by the waistband of her pants. The entire scene was captured on CCTV.

Wilson waved to the drive-thru attendant for help, but Crossty just tried to drag her back into the car. The drive-thru attendant then reached out for the baby, who Wilson attempted to hand over.

Crossty jumped between the two women and grabbed the baby himself. He then got into the car and sped away with the children, leaving Wilson behind. Wilson, who looked like she was having trouble walking, tried to hurry after him.

Police found Crossty and he was arrested. His lawyer claims he wasn't kidnapping Wilson or her kids; he says the mother was drunk and he was trying to care for the kids while she was incapable.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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