Man Taken To Hospital After Collapsing At Airport, Doctors Dumbstruck By What They Found Inside Him

A man collapsed at Miami International Airport and was rushed to the hospital. The man sheepishly admitted to doctors that he was a drug mule and had swallowed more than a pound of cocaine.

Waldermar Wojtczak, 45, flew into Miami from Trinidad and was on his way to Finland. He had swallowed 53 small, rubber sacks about the size of pellets that were full of cocaine. After he collapsed, he told a doctor what he had done.

The doctors rushed Wojtczak into intensive care and tried to help him pass the pellets over the next four days. When nothing was coming, the man was rushed into surgery. Doctors removed the cocaine from his stomach. The police confiscated the drugs, which amounted to a little over one kilo.

Narcotics officers say it's not uncommon for drug mules to ingest drugs. This is a common practice from Latin American countries.

Wojtczak was arrested after he recovered from surgery and arraigned in a Miami-Dade court. He pleaded 'not guilty.'

Source: Miami Herald
Photo: Miami Herald

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