Man Pleads Guilty After Murdering Roommate - Convinced Roommate Was A 'Zombie'

A Kansas man was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after beating his roommate to death. The man says he strangled the woman because he thought she was a zombie. He pleaded no contest and was being held on a $1 million bond. A judge found him guilty and he faces sentencing.

Christopher Duane Wallace, 38, killed his 35-year-old roommate, Jennifer Lopez, in a violent attack, but claims he was suffering from a drug-induced hallucination. He had gotten into a fight earlier that day with his girlfriend, then spent some time with a friend getting high on methamphetamine.

Wallace went home and fell asleep while still high. The night turned tragic after Lopez came home, unaware of the state her roommate was in. She tried to wake him up.

Wallace awoke and was convinced that Lopez was a zombie. He reported to the court that he began to beat her in the head and strangled her, until 'something made him stop'.

The man then called police and told them about the murder. Police officers arrived at the apartment to investigated, and Wallace reportedly asked them if they were 'real' officers and not the 'cartel' in disguise. He then admitted to taking drugs, and told the officers he believed he'd been given some 'bad meth'.

Police found Lopez's mangled body and a pair of leopard print leggings wrapped around her neck. Wallace had also put a plastic bag over the victim's face.

Officers observed Wallace had severe cuts on his hand and scraps on his left forearm that resembled defensive wounds. He was taken for medical attention, then arrested.

Jennifer Lopez's friends are devastated by the loss. They describe her as 'one of those kinds of people that whenever she came in she just automatically brought a smile to your face'.

Lopez's friends don't believe Wallace's story; they claim he only said he was on a meth-induced hallucination because he was hoping for a lighter sentence.

Source: New York Post
Photo: New York Post

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