Man Complains About Penis 10 Times Larger Than Normal Men - It Gets Worse (Photos)

You would think having a large penis would be the least of a man's problems. Unfortunately for one young African man, his penis size is causing a lot of problems in his life.

Owiti Opiyo isn't bragging when he says he has the largest penis in Africa. He's being dead serious-- his penis is so big that the tip of it hangs down below his knees. The tip of his penis is extremely disfigured due to swelling. The 20-year-old's hard life has been even more difficult, all because of this abnormality.

The Kenyan man had to drop out of school due to teasing and bullying, all over the size of his penis. When it initially began swelling at the tip, he was only 10 years old. He had to have surgery to relieve it, but the swelling has since returned, and it's much worse now.

Due to the size of his penis, Opiyo can't have sex, which means he'll never be able to have the family he dreams of having. He also can't work, as the size of his penis makes mobility difficult.

Opiyo was orphaned at age five who was raised by his grandmother. The family is trying to help him by raising money for surgery to hopefully correct the problem.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online/Buzz Kenya

We don't have any words either regarding this man's incredible plight.

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