Major Candle Manufacturer Issues Massive Recall For 'Unsafe' Candles - Here's The List

Candles are popular holiday gifts and home decor items, but if your favorite flickering lights come from Yankee Candle, you might want to take another look. The candle company is recalling 31,000 of its candles due to a faulty design in the jar.

The recall is a voluntary one issued by Yankee Candle for products sold only on their website between September and November of 2016. The products all come from the Yankee Candle's Luminous Collection fragrance line.

More than a dozen reports have come in stating that the glass jars that the Luminous Collection candles come in have cracked from the heat of the candle flames. The candle company calls it a 'laceration hazard' though says no injuries have been reported.

To be safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises people to stop using the product and return it. If you have it, you can contact the company for a full refund.

The recall applies to candles with the following item numbers printed on the bottom of the jars: 1535651, 1535890, 1535891, 1535892, 1535893 and 1535894.

Source: USA Today
Photo: AWM

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