Little Girl's Eye Infection Turns Out To Be Something Much Worse

Little children get simple things like eye infections all the time, so when a doctor prescribed her daughter antibiotics one mom thought everything would be fine. When the eye didn't clear up, her mom brought her for a second opinion. It's a good thing she did.

Gaylene Robson's 6-year-old daughter, Stella, started experiencing discomfort in her eye. The eye got red and puffy, so Robson took her daughter to the pediatrician. The pediatrician thought it was a standard eye infection, and sent her home with antibiotics.

The course of antibiotics didn't seem to help Stella's eye at all. Robson got a bad feeling and decided to take her daughter to an ophthalmologist for a second opinion. An emergency CT scan revealed that Stella didn't have an eye infection, but something much worse: cancer.

Stella had cell histiocytosis, a rare, malignant tumor growing into the orbital bone around her eye. The little girl was rushed into surgery.

After 12 weeks of chemotherapy and steroid treatments, Stella is in recovery. "She took it all in her stride, she wasn’t any uncooperative at all really. She allowed us to do what she needed to do," said Ms. Robson.

The chance of the tumor reoccurring is only 20% and Stella's prognosis is good. She's her happy, bubbly self again. Her mother is just glad she didn't wait before seeking out a second opinion-- it might have made all the difference.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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