Lawyer Says Mother Deserves Sympathy After Killing Her 'Whining' Toddler

A mother pleaded guilty in court on Monday to manslaughter. The woman beat her two-year-old son to death because she was frustrated by his 'whining'. She claims she didn’t intend to kill him.

Livia Starlight, 30, admitted to causing injuries that resulted in the death of her two-year-old son, Traezlin Denzel Starlight. Initially she was charged with second-degree murder, but the charges were reduced. The woman cried as the case against her was read in court.

Traezlin was described as a 'healthy and normal' little boy, but as it happens with toddlers sometimes, his behavior got on his mother's nerves. His mother began smacking and pushing him, according to court reports.

“When he started whining again, she picked him up off the floor and threw him onto the couch,” said Crown prosecutor Photini Papadatou. “While the cushions of the couch are soft, the arms of the couch are very hard.”

After throwing her son, Starlight realized he had been injured. She texted her mother. The text read, "My baby’s not breathing, I’m scared.”

An ambulance was called and the boy was rushed to the hospital. He spent a week in the hospital, but went into cardiac arrest as a result of his injuries, and passed away.

Starlight had previously been suspected of child abuse, though she blamed Traezlin's bruises on his foster parents. Police investigated but were unable to determine the cause of the child's bruises, so the child was left in his mother's care.

An autopsy showed the boy had suffered several recent head injuries over the period of a few weeks before his death. They also found bruises on his abdomen and buttocks, indicating the mother lost her temper with the boy often.

“This is such a sad case…I want to say thank you to the family for being here, it’s a tough day,” said the judge. He's ordered a psychiatric assessment of Starlight, which will be carried out before sentencing.

Source: Washington Post
Photo: iStock

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