Knife Attack In Walmart Parking Lot Stopped By Another Armed Citizen

It’s been pretty well-documented that the local Walmart seems to attract all kinds of unusual behavior in communities across the nation, but this one is one of the more curious ones in recent memory. As Breitbart shares, a knife attack in the Walmart parking lot in Topeka, Kansas was thwarted when an armed citizen intervened to put a stop to it.

Reports indicate that two men had gotten into an altercation. It’s unclear what the problem was, but it was obviously a pretty serious disagreement, as one of them was armed with a baseball bat, while the other was brandishing a knife. Things got out of hand pretty quickly, and one of the men wound up being stabbed.

That’s when an innocent bystander decided to intervene, and he had something with him to help persuade them to knock it off. The bystander was armed with a handgun, and he pulled it on both men. They would drop to the ground in a bid to avoid being shot, and an off-duty police officer that just so happens to work at the same Walmart would intervene and take over from that point.

Topeka police Sergeant Joshua Klamm provided some further insight on the scary scene, and he confirmed that the bystander “Drew his firearm, and held the people to the ground basically at gunpoint.” He also pointed out that the bystander “is a concealed carry holder.”

The stabbing victim was rushed to the hospital, but his injuries are said to be non-life threatening. Both men involved in the altercation have been “taken into custody for aggravated battery.” The identity of the armed bystander has not been released, and it’s unclear if he was also brought in for questioning.

No word on why there were so many armed and dangerous people in the Walmart parking lot at the same time, or if that particular store is in a particularly dangerous area that would necessitate customers to carry items such as a knife, baseball bat or a handgun.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: Breitbart

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