Invasive Bra Search For Stolen Cash Performed On 17-Year-Old In Front Of Customers

Throughout our professional lives, we will all experience moments in which we question whether or not the company we are working for is the best fit for our talents. As the Daily Mail reports, this 17-year-old girl from the UK recently had one of those moments of reflection, and it was sparked by her employer’s decision to search her for stolen goods in a highly questionable manner.

Naomi Scott was working at a budget store known as Poundland for nearly a year when the incident took place. The store apparently takes a proactive approach towards employee theft, and searches of bags and pockets are a pretty common occurrence. Store supervisors kicked their deterrence efforts up a notch recently, and they forced Naomi to go through what she describes as a “humiliating bra search in front of customers.”

“This was in front of staff and customers. She asked me and two or three other women who were working on the tills. Like me, they didn't look too impressed. She just said: "Have you got anything inside your bra?" I then had to pull my bra outward, give a bit of a shake and see if any coins came out the bottom,” she explains.

While Naomi performed the search as requested, something didn’t sit right with her.

“We had to do it just behind the till in front of the customers. No one looked very happy about it. It happened completely out of the blue, no one had ever asked us to do anything like that before. I felt uncomfortable, it was an invasion of my privacy and it was embarrassing,” she continued.

She returned to her job for two more shifts after the incident, but she decided enough was enough when she was asked to perform the bra search again. Naomi left her job at Poundland, and she’s now on the lookout for a better opportunity. As for the store, a company spokesman has released a statement on the disturbing practice.

“This was a highly regrettable incident where neither the colleague nor the Supervisor followed company policy. There is clear CCTV footage of the incident and we have taken steps to ensure it does not happen again,” the statement said in part.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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