Inmate Confirms He Attacked A Child Molester - Gives Simple Reason Why

An inmate at the Saginaw Correctional Facility in Michigan has had a boatload of time tacked onto his sentence, but it doesn’t sound like he minds one bit. As MLive reports, he has admitted to killing his cellmate for being a child molester.

Steven D. Sandison appeared in court to answer the charges, and he answered things in a matter-of-fact manner.

"But, you did, in fact, kill him?" the judge asked.

"Oh, sure. Oh, sure, of course," Sandison replied.

Sandison offered up some more details on why he did it, and it all stemmed from the fact that the cellmate was behind bars for molesting children.

"That night, he was trying to justify why he did it, and I told him to keep quiet and that he'd have to leave in the morning, find a new cell. But he continued to talk about it, try to justify it,” Sandison continued.

He then explained exactly how he killed him - by strangling him with a chord - without batting an eye, and explained that he fully understood he wouldn’t be getting out of prison anytime soon.

"No. My life sucks, sir," he said.

Source: MLive
Photo: MLive/Jeff Schrier

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