Immigrants On Swedish Farmer's Land

Laws are laws, and most civilized societies have clear-cut rules on what a property owner is entitled to do when they are protecting their land or families from trespassers. An unruly group of migrants in Sweden recently learned that firsthand, as they got a rude awakening when they called the cops to complain about a local farmer. As Mad World News explains, the farmer pulled a gun on them when they refused to vacate his land after making themselves at home there.

The incident went down in the town of Stromsund. An unidentified farmer was going on about his duties when he noticed a group of migrants trespassing on his land. The farmer grabbed his rifle to defend himself just in case, and he approached the migrants and asked them to leave, The migrants weren’t having it, so the farmer fired a warning shot. That prompted the migrants to call the cops, but they treated the incident as a non-priority.

The migrants would eventually receive a response - and they would be promptly hauled in and detained. Local residents have been pretty upset that the police took so long to respond, and an area official agrees it should have been expedited.

“When we have cases where firearms are involved, and certainly where people are fired upon, then we will pursue it as a top priority with an immediate intervention,” said Stephen Jerand, area police manager.

While migrants in this incident did not become violent, the police should have definitely come to investigate much quicker. In other countries, landowners have recounted some scary incidents they encountered while patrolling their own land, such as this one from a man named Dinko Valev, who owns property near the Turkey-Bulgaria border.

“Suddenly, someone jumped out of the bushes in front of me. I did not know he was a migrant at first. I stopped and got off the ATV to see what’s going on, he rushed me, trying to take me down, possibly to steal the ATV. I punched him a couple of times and he went down. I kicked him three times for good measure, and he started yelling some 'allah-mallah,'” Valev said.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM

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