Husband Thinks His Relationship Is Hunky Dory, Wife Has Other Deadlier Plans

Tony Carter, 42, is lucky to be alive right now, but that likely wouldn’t have been the case if not for a sympathetic hitman. His estranged wife, Shelly Carter, had hired a man to kill him, but that man backed out when he realized the couple’s kids may have been with Tony when he was supposed to carry out the deed. As WLWT reports, the still shaken man is speaking out as he attempts to get back to normal.

“I was to be killed in the morning, dropping my kids off before work,” he explains.

He was estranged from his wife, and she hired a man to crash into his car and kill him. Shelly had moved on and even had another boyfriend, but that apparently wasn’t enough. She simply wanted the father of her children dead.

“I've went through so many emotions, from the anger to feeling sorry for her. You know, you don't know how to deal with it,” he continued.

Tony explains that Shelly has always had a violent side, as she had previously smashed up his vehicles, and she was also a suspect in the burning of his mother’s vehicle.

“You hear about it, you see it on TV and you hear about crimes everywhere but you never expect it to happen to you or here,” Tony said.

Shelly was arrested and admitted to hiring a hitman to take out her husband. She’s facing up to eight years behind bars.

“She was self-centered. And it was all about Shelly. If things weren't her way, she'd go out of her way to make it her way,” explains Tony’s father, TJ Carter.

The couple’s two children are just 11 and 7-years-old, and Tony is doing his best to pick up the pieces and get back to normal.

“The Lord wasn't ready for me to go. There... was a reason that guy turned himself in I believe,” he says.

Source: WLWT
Photo: YouTube

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