Hillary Clinton Might Run For Office - Get Ready New York

Hillary Clinton was on the wrong side of one of the most shocking political upsets of modern times, but even that may not have been enough to make her realize that the whole politics thing may not be her bag. As the Washington Times reports, she’s said to be considering running for Mayor of New York City in 2017.

While it’s certainly easy to see how trolling through the woods for staged photos gets boring after awhile, this is nonetheless a surprising turn of events. While being the mayor of major city is certainly nothing to sneeze at, it’s quite a few rungs down the ladder away from being commander-in-chief. That doesn’t seem to faze what’s being referred to as “major Democratic donors and leaders,” who are reportedly urging her to challenge incumbent Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

We’ll have to wait and see if this smoke turns into a fire, but things of this nature typically aren’t leaked to the press without an ulterior motive. If the trial balloon returns without being filled with holes, the next step would be Hillary putting the band back together for a whole new election cycle. As for residency requirements, any candidate for mayor must be an actual resident of NYC by Election Day.

Source: Washington Times
Photo: Hillary Clinton/Instagram

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