He Didn't Trust His GF's Co-Worker And Threatened Him, Misses One Major Detail (PHOTOS)

Two guys who don't even know each other had an interesting text message conversation. It all started with a jealous boyfriend confronting his girlfriend's colleague, but the colleague got the last laugh.

The boyfriend sent an abrupt text message to the co-worker telling him plainly, 'stay away from my gf. she don't like u nd u annoy her dont message her anymore.'

At first, the co-worker didn't even know to whom the text was referring. After some questions, he realized who the 'gf' to this jealous guy was.

The co-worker sends the text: "Uhm Monica F? Like the girl I work with? Like the girl that I message once every few weeks to ask if she can cover my shift???"

The boyfriend ranted and raved about how he knew what the co-worker was up to, that he wanted to 'fck her.' The boyfriend threatened to beat the co-worker up if he didn't back off.

The co-worker had some news for the boyfriend: "I have a boyfriend. As in... A relationship... With a guy."

Monica's boyfriend didn't believe it. The co-worker finally sent some proof to try and end the matter. He sent a photo of him and his boyfriend kissing.

"...do u really gotta be all up in my face about it?" the boyfriend responded. "I got nuthin against gay people but u dont gotta throw ur sexuality in my face js dude :/" the boyfriend concluded.

Some people are never satisfied no matter what you do.

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Man shocked after accusing girlfriend's coworker of hitting on her.

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