Have You Tried This Creative Method For Removing Slow Drivers From The Left Lane? (Video)

Our nation’s highways are the source of all kinds of conflicts, and a good portion of them revolve around whether or not a driver is moving fast enough. For every driver that feels they are in the Daytona 500 whenever they place themselves behind the wheel, there are plenty of other folks that prefer to obey the traffic laws and arrive at their destinations in one piece. Conflicts can arise when drivers of opposing viewpoints cross each other’s paths, but one YouTube user has shared a diplomatic approach to handling it.

As AWM shares, the scene was also captured by a dashcam and shared. A driver was behind a van that was going to slow for his taste, and it just so happened to be a contractor’s van. The driver noticed a number on the van, so he dialed the driver up and asked him to get out of the way so he could pass him. The driver that pulled off this stunt was quite proud of himself, and that led to him sharing the video. The reaction has been mixed to say the least, and the debate between fast and slow drivers remains far from over.

“NO one should have to say anything. It's called courtesy. If more drivers would learn it, there would be a lot fewer cases of road rage. Get in the left lane, pass, and move back to the right lane, it is that simple. If you are in the left lane and not passing (or turning left in short order) then you are wrong,” shared one user.

“What a petulant child you are. 60-70 in a 70 is a reasonable speed. He was passing the semi and could see he was going faster than the semi up ahead. Why should he have to move right just to have to fight his way back into the left lane when he catches the next semi, just so you can go “fast”?” shared another.

Source: [USA] Guy calls number on van to alert driver that they're blocking the left lane by ViralHog on Rumble

Photo: AWM

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