Gruesome Murderer Forced Victim To Drink Some Kind Of Accelerant Before Burning Him

A teen in Detroit carried out a horrifying crime against a 91-year-old man. Authorities believe he force-fed the man a gasoline-like substance before beating him and burning him to death.

George Steward IV, 17, reportedly forced his way into the apartment of elderly victim Paul Monchnik on November 23. Reports say Steward's intention was to rob the man, but the attack soon turned violent.

The teen went out to a gas station and, according to workers there, purchased a lighter and 50 cents worth of gas. He then returned back to the home of Monchnik and set it on fire with the victim inside.

The autopsy found more than 80 percent of Monchnik's body covered in burns, ranging from first through fourth degree. The examiner also found severe head injuries and that Monchnik had consumed about 1/5 cup of an accelerant.

“It would have to come through the mouth,” Wayne County medical examiner Dr. Kilak Kesha testified. “The victim could have drank it or (had it put into his open mouth while he was unconscious).”

A family member of Monchnik who attended the hearing gasped in horror while listening to the autopsy details.

Relatives of Steward recognized him from surveillance footage from the gas station, and the gas station clerk picked Steward out of a line-up. Another hearing for the teen is scheduled for next week.

Photo: WXYZ

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