Girl Is Brutally Raped, Then She Discovers What Her Rapist Was Really Hiding

The controversy over immigration is boiling over all across the world, including in the town of Zwickau, Germany. In Zwickau, a Pakistani man with a number of previous convictions was sentenced to three years and 10 months in jail at Zwickau District Court.

The angry Pakistani immigrant also bit his victim several times in the lips during the assault, even though the nasty man knew he was infected with hepatitis C.

The 19-year-old victim named “Sarah” was working as an attendant in the Zwickau gaming arcade “Number One” to earn some extra money to help pay for her medical studies.

Then on one warm summer evening at 9.52 pm, the 38-year-old Pakistani man named Qaisar S. came into the arcade. The man already had several criminal convictions, and just three months earlier had been caught firing a blank pistol to scare residents around Zwickau city center.

It seems that Sarah was alone in the arcade. Qaisar pushed her into the smoking room, pulled her hair, and forced her back against a gaming machine.

He hit her in the face, then bit the victim on the lips multiple times. “He wanted to infect her with his virus,” assistant prosecutor Diana Enzinger-Leichsenring claimed in the trial.

Then the man raped her, fondled her entire body, bit her in the right cheek, and then again in the lips. He ran away after he finished raping her.

However, the attack was caught on video by the security camera, and he was arrested the next day. He confessed a few days later.

Unfortunately, it took six months for Sarah to confirm she hadn’t been infected. However, she still suffers emotional trauma today, and has not been able to start her medical studies yet.

Judge Stephan Zantke sentenced the Pakistani rapist to four years in jail: “We must protect our women,” the judge commented.

However, Qaisar S. cannot be deported as Pakistan refuses to accept him.

Source: Daily Stormer
Photo: Mad World News

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