Father Puts Bounty On Daughter's Boyfriend's Head After Posting Graphic Photos

A man who was the subject of a police manhunt for the near-fatal beating of a 20-year-old Centralia woman at her residence late last year has been arrested in St. Louis, Missouri this week.  

The suspect, Cedrick Powe, is being held on a warrant for charges including attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated domestic battery in connection with the December 27th attack on 20-year-old Chelsea Simmons. Powe’s bond has been set at a half-million dollars. The suspect is scheduled to appear in court later this week in Missouri to see if he and his attorney will approve a waiver of extradition back to Illinois on the charges.  

The charges detailed claim that Powe was taking a substantial step towards first-degree murder or causing great bodily harm by his strangling of Simmons. The aggravated domestic battery charge is also related to his effort to strangle Simmons. The aggravated battery charge relates to Powe punching and kicking Simmons multiple times during the assault.  

The details in an order of protection received by Simmons the day following the horrific attack allege that Powe came very close to beating her to death, and resulted in permanent blindness in her left eye.
Several other alleged acts of violence by Powe against Simmons dating back to September of 2012 are also alleged in the order of protection.

One incident that was mentioned was a beating and kidnapping in February of 2013, where Powe went as far as calling her family and demanding money in exchange for returning Simmons.
Of note, it seems that Powe had been the object of an intense police manhunt in Missouri for some time. However, law enforcement authorities have not released any information about where he was located in St Louis or other details regarding the arrest. He had been released on bond in an unrelated theft case when the attack on Simmons occurred.

Source: MVN News
Photo: Mail Online

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