Father Brutally Executes Own Daughter, Family Blows It Off With 4 Sickening Words

A man in Ohio appeared before a judge facing murder charges after allegedly shooting his own daughter. Family members asked why the man might have committed such a crime told police it was because of his medical condition: he's diabetic.

Jamal T. Mansour, 63, reportedly shot his daughter Tahini Mansour in the head twice while she was sleeping. He's been charged with murder, felonious assault and domestic violence.

Mansour's son called emergency services the night of the murder. During his arrest, Mansour complained about the handcuffs being uncomfortable and about his blood sugar levels.

The Jordan man is a naturalized U.S. citizen. His bond was set for $1.3 million, but the prosecuting attorney has requested that it be raised because Mansour could flee the country. He also said Mansour could be a threat to other family members.

Mansour's family blame his medical condition for his actions. Diabetes is not known to be connected to murderous impulses.

Photo: WXIX

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