Dairy Queen Shut Down After The Owner Said The Unthinkable To This Mother

Franchisees of chain restaurants generally have a lengthy standard operating procedures manual at their disposal to assist in the running of their locations, but a good amount of common sense goes a long way towards insuring their success as well. For example, most franchisees will come equipped with the knowledge that it’s bad practice to hurl racial slurs at guests, but this Dairy Queen owner in Illinois begged to differ.

As WTAE reports, the owner was accused at directing racial slurs towards a woman and her children at his store’s drive thru window. The woman was incredibly upset about the incident and called police, and they headed down to the store to see what the trouble was. While there, the owner proudly claimed ownership of the slurs he directed at the black woman and her family, and remarked that he was “sick of black people” and “happy to go to jail over the issue.”

That was more than enough information for the corporate offices of Dairy Queen to get involved, and this former owner suddenly has a ton of time on his hands. Dairy Queen is in the process of terminating his franchise rights, and the store will remain closed until further notice.

Source: WTAE
Photo: WLS

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